• Construção; La Biblioteca o El Universo
    Installation of formwork mold of the stair
    Hardwood and plywood
    Variables Dimensions
    UTEC, Lima, Perú

    For this project I wanted to create a sculpture based on the formwork of a staircase section in the Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC), located in the city of Lima, Perú. The wooden mold is intended to generate an object that makes a direct reference to another object, while the sculpture delineates the space of the staircase section that was cut, but at a scale that gives the impression of having a practical use. At the same time, when the piece is placed on its side, it references some type of furniture, proposing a second scale for the spectator.

    The piece itself is shaped like the section of a spiral staircase, alluding to the infinity symbol, and together with the title refers to Jorge Luis Borges’ story, which acts as inspiration and trigger for my staircase pieces: The Library of Babel. In this story, the author describes in great detail the architecture of a library that stretches like a fractal until infinity, making an analogy with the universe.